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Keith Anderson


My passion is your running …. helping you enjoy and understand your training and helping you to run new personal bests. I want to help make you a fitter, stronger, faster and more complete runner….guaranteed!

My running career has been quite a journey! It started when I was 30, I was stuck in a rut, overweight,smoked and had a very stressful job as a chef. I only took up running to lose weight and get fitter, but in fact it turned out to be the start of a unique journey that would ultimately see me finish 10th in the 1998 Commonwealth Games and run a 2.17.08 marathon aged 40 …. so be careful what you wish for!

I made many mistakes along the way and I want to make sure that you don’t do the same thing on your journey. By working closely together we can identify your goals, make sure you understand your training and that you’re training effectively so that you improve and progress.

I still remember what it was like when I first started running; I was really self-conscious of being fat and slow! It didn’t help that I had the wrong kit, did the wrong training, trained too hard, didn’t eat properly and often got ill or picked up an injury………I just loved every part it! There was nothing to beat the freedom of running on the trails and hills in the Lake District and the positive feelings, both physically and mentally, that this gave me. It was just fantastic!

I started my running life as a fell runner. Although it was a tough way to start, I was determined and soon started to see some good improvements in my fitness and racing ability. I had some wonderful experiences, won some great races (got lost in a couple too!) but eventually became British Fell Running Champion and set a number of course records, some of which still stand today. I then started racing at a high level on the road and cross-country. My performances allowed me to be a full time athlete and train at altitude in both Kenya and the Pyrenees. I also competed against some of the world’s best athletes across Europe and in the USA, ultimately becoming the No.1 Masters Runner in the World.

As an athlete I trained hard and raced hard. My coach (leading physiologist Tony Trowbridge), guided me so that my training was scientific and specific to me. I enjoyed competing and winning, but I have never forgotten how difficult my misinformed first attempts at training, fitness and weight loss were. What I did learn, however, was that it’s more than just running and crucially it’s not just about hard training!

I have coached hundreds of runners, from complete beginners through to international athletes. I’ve writtencoaching articles that have featured in Runner’s World, Running Fitness, Peak Performance and many other magazines and newspapers as well as a number of running books and websites. During my coaching career I’ve created and delivered a variety of training camps, races and running events.

I still run most days and believe that my unique blend of athlete journey, coaching knowledge and my competitive racing experience provides me with a unique insight to help you achieve your running and fitness goals.

I would love to help you improve and become the runner you want to be and believe that by working together you can become stronger, faster, fitter and ultimately achieve your goals and improve your racing performances.

My personal bests were achieved when I was 36-40 years old:

5 Km: 13.46
10Km: 29.04
10-Mile: 48.15
Half Marathon: 64.20
Marathon: 2.17.08

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I could not wish for a better coach in Keith nor a more excellent organisation to work with than Full Potential



I felt I needed to understand my training better and be motivated to do the tough sessions!



If you really want to improve, get fitter and stronger and run some good personal bests then invest and get a coach.



Go for it, I can’t see that you’d regret it and if you did all you have to do is cancel so you’ve nothing to lose from starting.



I have become a consistent athlete who has confidence in her training and racing.

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