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The marathon is that big stamp on your running passport. The event requires everything; mental and physical endurance, passion and a desire to put your mark over 26.2 miles of running. 

We've successfully coached thousands of runners to conquer the race. You could be training for one (or all) of the Marathon Majors; London Marathon, Berlin Marathon, New York, Chicago and Boston Marathon, or Tokyo Marathon. Maybe it's a smaller marathon like Brighton, Abingdon, Chester and Milton Keynes. Or a local off road marathon closer to home. No matter what race it is, with our knowledge and expertise you can be confident that you will be doing the right training and that you will get results.

Choose between one of our Running Coaching plans or a One off bespoke training plan and get the level of support you need. 

Our Ultimate Personal Running Coaching is just that, the Ultimate Coaching Package. Get daily training sessions and support from your coach to achieve any goal you have. 

Our Classic Personal Running Coaching provides you with your own Expert Full Potential Coach for incredible value. Your plans are sent in 4 week blocks, along with a monthly phone call. 

Our 20 week Marathon Training Plan is a bespoke plan, written just for you. We take into account training history, goals, event type and life commitments in order to create a plan that you not only understand but can also follow.


You may want to supplement your training with a one to one session with one of our Expert Coaches. This hour can be used to look at your running technique, go over a key training session or discuss your Strength & Conditioning Requirements.  

Not sure what plan is right for you? We'd love to chat with you. Email or call 020 3375 6233. Don't delay, see improvements in your running today.


Travel with us around the UK & Europe and train in amazing locations throughout the year.


We provide contemporary coaching support packages for UK charity team events. 

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