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Keith Anderson's running career was quite an amazing and exhilarating journey that quite frankly was not normal. He started running as an overweight 30 year old smoker with a stressful job who just wanted to get fit.


Keith went on to become a full-time athlete aged 36, run a 2.17 marathon aged 40 and finish 10th in the Commonwealth Games. This is not how the establishment expected things to be done.

That was just part of the story. Along the way Keith was the British fell running champion whilst also winning various national road and cross country titles.


Keith was coached using sports science including heart rate and lactate monitoring. He spent time training in Kenya, USA and Europe at various altitude camps and raced around the world. It was quite a journey!


When Keith retired from competition he wanted to share his experience and knowledge to help others enjoy their running journey. So Full Potential was born.

The Full Potential team want you to get the most from your running. We will ensure that you are not turned off or become disillusioned. We want you to train in a smart way, not waste your time. You'll see real improvements whether you are a beginner or an advanced runner.

We all have a starting point and we all go on a journey. With the right guidance then who knows what you can achieve.

Keith had an amazing journey that changed his life. We hope Full Potential can help you change yours too.


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