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Dominic Hawkins
Why did you decide to get a running coach?

I was lucky enough to be introduced to Full Potential by my employer as part of a London Marathon training package. Whilst I’d been running for a number of years, I felt I needed to understand my training better and that having to explain how my training was going to someone else was a big motivator to do the tough sessions!

How long have you been coached?

I’ve been with Keith for nearly 2 years now

What do you enjoy most about the coaching?

The structure it gives my training is really important to me, but also the opportunity to really learn more about both running and training from a true expert has really helped me to improve. I also like the way it holds me accountable, it’s often the thing that gets me out running when it’s cold, dark and raining!

What have you achieved?

PBs at pretty much every distance. 6 minutes off the marathon, 6 minutes at Half Marathon and 3 minutes at 10k. I’ve also had my first podium ever in a race at the end of last year!

What would you say to someone thinking about signing up?

If you’re really serious about getting more out of your running whatever your standard then go for it!

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