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Louisa-Kate Keylock
Why did you decide to get a running coach?

I first signed up with Keith in Autumn 2014 in a bid to improve my speed and endurance as a runner following my participation at a full potential training camp in the Algarve.

How long have you been coached?

I’ve been with Keith for 6 years now

What do you enjoy most about the coaching?

Keith’s wealth of tried and tested running experience & passion for running/ endurance sport gives you such confidence. He does a superb job at providing sound training/racing advice as well as a balanced bespoke training programme which has helped to keep me on track to achieve my running goals. I wouldn’t be half the runner/ duathlete I am today if it wasn’t for Keith’s coaching imput.

What have you achieved?

Before I started training with Keith I was a keen swimmer, road cyclist and weekend run warrior but had no real background in running other than completing a couple of 5k’s & London Marathons for fun/charity. Keith has successfully turned me into a competitive runner who now spends less time training on a bike and in the pool and more time out running in order to compete and do well in my age group category at 10km/ 1/2 Marathon distances as well as Duathlon & Olympic Distance Triathlon events.

What would you say to someone thinking about signing up?

Keith is such a fantastic running coach because he really understands me as a person and patiently makes sure that I understand exactly why I am doing a particular training session. I can be a little impetuous and can be easily distracted but with Keith guidance I have become a consistent athlete who has confidence in her training and racing.

I’m currently expecting my first child & myself & my partner cant wait to get up & running with Keith next year post birth.

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