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Taking energy on during your longer sessions and runs will help train your body to tolerate these when running. It’s important to keep fuelled up during high quality sessions as well as long runs.

This will help get used to taking on energy when your body is trying hard!

Generally, any activity over 90mins will require you to be fuelling during the run. Taking on a carbohydrate based drink or gel every 30-40mins is advisable. Start to take these in training after 40mins to teach your body how to use them. Taking these on board will help you have more of a consistent training run and prevent the drop off at the end of a long training run from depleted stores.

3 top methods for fuelling during your run...

  1. Have a fuel belt and carry your drinks and gels with you

  2. Run loops and leave a drink or gels in a bush or on a bench.

  3. Find a friend or family member who could bike next to you and hand you your drinks at regular intervals.

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