POWERbreathe K5 Product Review

Please have a look at the article on Breathing to get more of an idea about uses for the POWERbreathe.

POWERbreathe build Inspiratory Muscle Trainer's which have been scientifically proven to improve inspiratory muscle strength and endurance.

The muscles we use to breathe with will get training when exercising, but giving them specific loading training isn't something that is on a lot of people's agenda. However, it should be!

This article is the first of a few based around the latest addition to the excellent POWERbreathe range, the K5.

This will article a review of the K5, an unboxing process and my first session with then product.

Over the next few weeks I will be updating with my progress on my POWERbreathe training. Hopefully we will be seeing some improvement in my training and I will try and give you real world applications. By real world I mean my running!

There will also be an article introducing the other POWERbreathe products and how they might be suitable.

By training with a POWERbreathe it should:

• Improve Technique

• Reduce the metaboreflex (as the body gets tired, the lungs take all the blood destined for other parts of body, so you have to slow down. It is like a safety mechanism your body has to make sure you are always breathing!)

• Increase the ability of the lungs to remove CO2 from the body

• Confidence

The POWERbreathe K5

The K5 is the top of the line POWERbreathe unit, it ships with Breathe-Link software and it really is the ultimate in breathing training technology.

The K5 is very nicely presented in the a great orange and black colours the official IRONMAN colourway. Everything is neatly packaged in bed in its own compartment

In the box:

• K5 POWERbreathe Inspiratory Muscle Trainer

• Mouth Piece

• USB Charging Cable

• USB Power Adaptor

• Soft Case

• Stand

• Instruction manual

• Breathe-Link Software CD

• Cleansing Tablets Trial Pack

• Nose Clip

K5 POWERbreathe Unit

Large LCD Screen, an LED charging light rests between the two buttons

At the top of the back of the K5 is the Valve Head, this is where air flows in. The Charge Socket is underneath the K5.

The unit itself fits comfortably in one hand, and has an impressive build quality to it. The unique aspect of the K5 series is that it is an auto-optimising IMT device. With the original POWERbreathe series you had to set your own training level each workout. However, the K series uses a computer to work out your training settings depending on your first few breathes of the session. The great thing with this is that your training will be specific to the day.

The mouth piece is a plastic mouthpiece that fits onto the trainer to enable you to use it comfortably.

The K5 Ships with a nice stand so you can leave the K5 on there when charging or just to display it proudly on your desk.

There is also a nose clip in the pack, as some people find it easier to do the breathing training with the clip. However, I find it uncomfortable to use, but it is up to and it is nice that the option is there.

The K5 uses mini USB to connect to the computer and also charge. They also ship a power adaptor so you can charge your K5 unit up via the mains

There is a soft carry case you can put the POWERbreathe in to carry it around. The unit is strong enough that you should