Apple Watch Series 6: Review for Runners

I’ve had the series 6 Apple Watch since September 2020. That’s almost ten months of daily use.

This review will be coloured by my massive appreciation for apple products as a colossal fanboy! But I purchased this watch, and we weren't given anything for this review.

The Apple Watch isn’t perfect. There are better running specific watches out there. But as the overall smartwatch package, I am all aboard the Apple hype train.


The Apple Watch Screen is stunning. It’s crisp and clear and full of colour. I have never had any issues seeing it in any light. Beautiful.

However, it isn’t great at all when wet. I’ve used some touchscreen watches that worked when covered with raindrops or just after a shower. The Apple Watch doesn’t like either of those situations.

The lack of buttons can also be frustrating when wearing gloves. Yes, it does have two buttons on it, but that doesn’t make it easy to use when exercising.

There’s also a plethora of bands that allow you to customise the Apple Watch. I have used the Sports Band most of the time, but this new Pride Woven Band has been a game-changer.

I love the design watch and how it sits on my wrist. For reference, mine is the 44mm. I am somewhat jealous of my girlfriend, who has the same watch, but her smaller wrist makes it look that much more significant. I wouldn’t mind a bit more size.


This is what you are here for.

There are many limitations with Apple’s Workout App. The standard App allows you to go for a run.

You can go for an “open” run or aim for a distance, time or calories.

On-screen, you get 5 metrics as a default: Heart Rate, Pace, Time and Distance.

It has an auto-pause function, but frustratingly you can’t set the sensitivity of this to fine-tune it. I’ve found it can be very slow to activate and sometimes starts again when I am tying a shoelace up.

It’ll automatically lap each mile too.

A really cool feature is you don’t wait around for it to find a GPS signal. You just go. It’s very cool.

You can only have a maximum of 5 metrics on the screen at a time. There’s an option to edit this to have

Current Pace

Rolling Pace - shows your pace for the mile distance that is directly behind you.

Active and Total Kilocarlies

Average and Current Cadence

Elevation Gain

Current Elevation

The data screens are limited to just this data at the moment.

Nike Version

Apple has teamed up with Nike for an Apple Sport Nike Edition. This unlocks a few extra Watch Faces, but it also adds the Nike Run Club App into the Apple Watch.

This does unlock the Nike Running App, and that has some Guided Runs and Training Plans. This isn’t a deep dive into those features, but I feel it’s a mixed bag of things.

What this doesn’t really help with is making the Apple Watch a really good Sports Watch

Enter WorkOutDoors

A few weeks ago, I took a dive into WorkOutDoors. This is the game-changer for the Apple Watch and allows you to do so much more when running.

Check out the review here to see how it works.

This is very much in line with how Apple Works. They create an excellent product, and then people make it better with Apps.