NormaTec MVP Review

As a runner, or any athlete, the quality of your recovery process will make a huge difference to your performance. The better your recovery is after a hard session, the better you will be able to run on that next session, and the faster you will become.

It's amazing how many people just get in from a run and continue about their daily life as if they haven't gone out and battered their bodies. It is vitally important to be eating well, resting and giving your body the best chance of being ready for the next outing.

With that in mind, we have the NormaTec MVP, a pump compression system that allows your to recover faster, so you can train harder, recover faster and perform better.

NormaTec was set up by Dr Laura F. Jacobs in response seeing a need for effective treatment modalities for patients with circulation compromised by disease, surgery, radiation treatment and trauma. In 2007, top athletes started using the technology to optimise their recovery, and the NormaTec Recovery Systems were born.

What is NormaTec?

The NormaTec MVP and Pro are systems that provide dynamic compression. The system consists of a compression pump and various attachments that can be used to make the compression work for various body parts.

To begin with, lets take a look at the Science behind the NormaTec Products

The Science

The difference between NormaTec and other products is the Sequential Pulse Technology. There are three methods of massage going one when you wear the NormaTec products

1. Pulsing. Instead of just squeezing the leg to transport fluid out of the limbs, the pulsing action more effectively mimics the muscle pump of the legs and arms. It enhances the movement of fluid and metabolites out of the limbs.

2. Gradients. Your veins and lymphatic vessels have one way valves, so fluid can flow backwards. The NormaTec technology works in a similar way by holding the pressure down, to stop the flow of fluid towards your feet. Imagine pushing toothpaste out of a tube, the NormaTec does what you should do, start at the bottom and work towards the top of the tube!

3. Distal Release. Extended static pressure can be detrimental to the body's normal circulatory flow. To get round this problem, the Sequential Pulse Technology will release the pressure that is designed to stop the back flow of fluids as soon as possible. So each part of the limb gains the maximal rest time without a significant pause between compressions cycles.

This all means that with the Sequential Pulse Technology, just 20 minutes of massage can speed up recovery.

In the bag

My NormaTec system came in a cool duffel bag. Peaking inside you can see all the bits that make up the MVP system

As part of the system you'll get a Control Unit (the box), two full length Leg Boots and the system hosing (which connects the boots to the control unit.

Setting up

The NormaTec MVP is incredibly easy to set up.

Connect the power supply to the control unit

Attach hose the to the control unit

Put the boots on by undoing the zips, butting your legs securely in the boot

Connect the hose to the two boots

You are then good to go and have your first massage.

A massage