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Withings Body+ Scale Review

A set of scales. They tell you your weight. What more do you want?

Setting the scene

A disclosure before we continue, Withings very kindly sent me a set of Body+ Scales to review. They did not ask for anything else on sending them.

This review links to something bigger about why you might want to keep an eye on your weight as an athlete. We'll put a blog on that together in the future.

Back to the scales

Let's talk about the Withing Body+ Scales.

The design is sleek and minimal. You can get the scales either in a black or white colourway.

The screen is big enough to give you the information you need, without taking up a lot of room.

The scales look sophisticated. They work for me at home in our bedroom.


The Body+ Scales provide you with more than your weight. There is a focus on your complete body composition.

You'll gain a much better idea of your body. These are the metrics the scales track:

Muscle Mass - a chance to track changes in weight as muscle gained.

Fat Mass - allows for insights into how much of your weight is fat.

Water % - important to see how hydrated you are. It has been interesting to weigh myself before and after exercise to see how dehydrated I am

Bone Mass - unlikely to change in the short term, but necessary to track over your life

These metrics are healthy in aiding us in moving the focus away from how much you weigh. With these scales, we get a bigger picture as you as a person.

Set Up and Use

The scales are straightforward to set up. You use the Withings Health Mate app to Install the App.

It gets linked to your WiFi network, and this provides a more robust synchronised experience. I love just stepping on the scales and knowing it'll sync to my phone without me having to do anything.

With their ability to talk with Apple Heath (or 100 other apps), these scales will slot into your current digital ecosystem with ease.

The scales will automatically recognise up to 8 users. That will be plenty for most households. Everyone can use the scales and get what they need out of them.


Scales are only as good as the technology within them that tells you your weight.

I have been impressed with the Withings Body+ scale. Withings say the scales are accurate to 0.1kg.

Withings have been creating scale for many years now and have an excellent reputation.

The scales use bioelectronics to give you the body composition scores. These are not as accurate as using skinfold callipers or more expensive equipment.

However, the scales will show you trends over time. You can be sure that you will have lost some fat if your body fat % drops by some % points. The hard number is less significant than the overall trend.

Other features

The scales also have a Pregnancy and Baby Made - a fantastic way to monitor bodily changes for both mum and little one.

I haven't been able to test out due to having no pregnant women in the house. I am, however, really excited to know it is there and eventually test it out.

With technology like this, you want it to fit into your life. The Withings Scales certainly do that. Easy to set up and use, all while looking great. They work.

Costing £89.95, the scales come in at a great price point:

Please note: If you purchase through our Amazon link, you will be supporting Full Potential.


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