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Liforme Yoga Mat Review

It might not sound like an exciting blog post - a Yoga Mat review. It's a piece of material you exercise on.

The Liforme Mat is different. It brings joy to my practice. I love unrolling it and seeing the colours splash onto the flook.

I step on it, and I am in a good place.

Lifeforme has been my Yoga Mat choice for the last 3 years. They deserve to be shouted about! With their 'GripForMe' material and the 'AlignForMe' system on the mat, it makes a difference.

The 'AlignForMe' System

This allows me to navigate around the mat with ease. I haven't found it distracting to check on where my feet or hands are. Often I find that can help ground me back into my practice.

You get a central line to help keep you even. The 45-degree line helps with your back heel in standing postures.

Lines at each end of the mat allow you to keep feet and hands evenly aligned lengthways.

After almost a year of use, the design is starting to show signs of use. It isn't of poor quality. With the choice of ink reflecting their eco-credentials, it is not going to last forever.


The mats are surprisingly 'sticky'. You feel connected to the mat. Even when sweating, I feel really secure working out.

The 'GripForMe' covering won't last forever. I have found after a couple of years of regular (but not daily) use, I am slipping a bit.


The regular mats are 4.2 mm thick, 185cm long and 68 cm wide. The thickness provides a lovely feel of cushioning, especially for the wrists.

They also offer a travel mat, which is half the thickness of the regular one. It does save you over 2kg of weight, but I wouldn't use it for daily use.

Each bag comes in a travel bag, allowing you to take your new purchase all over with ease.


What I also love about Liforme is they believe in giving back. They are a US-based company but have donated money to some fantastic causes all over the world.

The mats are as planet-friendly as it gets—biodegradable, non-toxic, and PVC-free.


You don't just need to use the mat for Yoga. It's a great place to do any exercise from. It really is a treat to work out on.

This is where it comes to with Liforme. You buy a mat for a lot of money and know it won't stay in peak condition. Yes, there are cheaper mats out there. But you are investing in yourself. Investing in your yoga practice.

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Please note: We purchased the Liforme Yoga Mat directly from the company. We are not being paid to promote this procure.


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