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How to tie your running shoe shoelaces?

Having running shoes that fit your foot well is so important, but we all have very different foot shapes. This is why certain brands will fit you better than others, but 99% of shoes come with laces. You should use these laces to make your shoe fit you better

We are going to look at two tips that can help with the fit of your running shoes:

1. Lock Lacing

This trick is absolutely fantastic if you find you foot slipping in your running shoes. This often happens because your trainers want to be little bit bigger in the toe box to allow for your foot to swell a bit when running.

Step One - To make this work we are going to use the 'extra' eyelet at the top of your shoes. This is the little hole that the laces go through.

Turn the laces back on themselves to create two 'bunny ears' at the top of the shoes

Step Two - Take the laces across each other and tuck the lace into the opposite 'bunny ear'.

Step Three - pull laces tight to help lock your heel in the shoe

What is great about lock lacing is that it holds the heel into the shoe, but you don't end up lacing any higher across the foot.

2. Skip a lace loop out

This is a lovely of getting your shoes to fit better if you have a wide mid-foot

Simply you are going to skip one of the criss-crosses out that the laces do, and keep the lace on the same side for one loop

As you can see from the picture, it really opens up the shoes.

These are our two favourite things to do with our shoe laces to help them fit better.

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