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What can you do with all those Running Numbers?

I recently decided to do something with all the numbers that have been got from my races over the years! They were just stuck in a draw at home,

When I started out running, I used to write the date and time I ran on the numbers, but slipped out of that after a few years of races. They then lived on my wall, stuck on with Blu Tack. Whilst I could have done that again, I wanted a slightly more elegant solution.

That solution came in the form of a few different frames from Ikea.

The basic option was to buy this £5 frame, the FISKBO and just arrange the numbers in there. You can see from the pictures it doesn’t look too bad. It is really busy in there, but you can just make out each race. I have found myself getting lost in each race as I have looked over the collage!

I wanted to try something slightly different out too, and for this I purchased a funky VÄXBO Collage frame, for £4.95.

This required a little bit of folding of numbers, but I am really happy with the outcome. It’s a little bit different, and whilst you can’t see all of the number, I won’t be using them again!

I am not an arty person, but I like that I have created this art with miles of running! I have these up next to my desk at home, and it really gets me in the mood for working with runners!

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