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Dress for Winter

Having the right kit is vital for a runner. It helps you look the part (which makes you feel better and more positive about your running), but it'll allow you to move more efficiently, be more comfortable on your run and stay safe.

Winter is my favourite time of year, because you can have more kit on! One of my pet hates when running is seeing a runner who has put too much clothing on, and is stuck carrying the kitchen sink tied around their waist as they've overheated! It's so unnecessary, looks silly, adds weight and wind resistance!

Think about how you'll be dressed for the END of your run, and dress accordingly to that. If you are going for an easy run, then you aren't going to work as hard, and can get away with a bigger jumper or hoodie. Going out for a Threhsold Session, you are going to sweat, so just a thin layer or two will work. Think about how long are you going to be out there for also - if it is a long run, and windy, then tights might be better than shorts to cut some of that wind chill down.

It is also ok to start off a bit cold, you are going to heat up when you run, so don't head out the door so wrapped up you are sweating already, you are just going to boil!

It is really important to layer up in the winter, and a few thin layers can often do the job of one heavy layer.

What's the key items you'll need for winter running?

A good quality Jacket. There are plenty out there to choose from, but it is worth spending a bit extra on a good jacket, because it'll last you a number of years. There are Gore-Tex waterproof jackets, but these do keep the heat in, so you can end up sweating so much it was almost pointless! Windstopper jackets will keep the wind out, but after a while will let a bit of water in. But a bit of rain never hurt! Brightly coloured jackets are useful, as they'll keep you seen! I find a jacket is too hot for me, so rarely end up wearing one to run in, but I know what works for me. I use a gilet, and this one

from Tracksmith is amazing.

Running Tights are a lifesaver. They keep your legs warm, but allow for a full range of motion in your legs, so you can run! There's no need to wear any shorts over the top of your running tights. Again, tights come in all thickness' and lengths, and it is personal preference for what you want. I own a few different pairs, and can pick a thickness depending on the type of run I am doing.

Layers. Some moisture wicking, thin layers work really well in the winter. I like to have a short sleeve t-shirt on, then a longer one on. This will keep you warm without wearing too much.

Hats & Gloves. Excellent for keeping the chill off your extremities. Also ideal because you can take them off and stuff into a pocket if you do get a bit warm.

The best advice I can give you about kit is to go into a running store and try a number of different brands on, and find ones that you find comfortable and fit you well. Each brand does something different, and so it is great to find what works for you. You can't do this online!

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