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Dehydration from our diet - Runner's beware!

Ensuring that you are hydrated properly is paramount to ensure peak performance. If you don't hydrate, that elusive PB or completing your challenge will be far tougher.

Sound hydration becomes even more vital when training or racing in higher temperatures and humidity. Both these conditions will cause runners to sweat more.

When our body loses water, dehydration will creep up to affect our performance. Our blood volume will decrease leading to potential muscle cramps, fatigue and dizziness. It will also become harder to control our core body temperature.

Despite our best efforts we can often hurt our hydration during training and racing by consuming some of the drinks and food below.


For some runners, caffeine does not increase your urine passing rate nor cause an increased heart rate. In other runners who don't normally consume caffeine though, having it during training or on race-day is a recipe for dehydration.


Alcoholic beverages are high in calories (7 kcal/gram on average) and can cause dehydration. Try to consume a glass of water (or a few mouthfuls) between alcoholic drinks. It may dampen your alcoholic rush but your body will thank you in the morning.

Sugary food and drink

Food and drink that contain high levels of sugar will impact our body's fluid balance. Sweet foods and drinks will often make you more thirsty as many of them contain sodium. Try water and foods with a higher water concentration like celery and watermelon to quench your thirst and your hunger.

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