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Sports Massage

"The factor that probably boosted Paula Radcliffe’s performance more than any other is her ability to regenerate. Her regular massages were to give extra maintenance to the whole body. Above all it’s to give Paula’s muscles and tendons the best chance to recover from the heavy workloads she puts them through" The training secrets of Paula Radcliffe - article written by Orlando Pizzolato in TN40 July 2003.

Runners preparing for an endurance race train really hard and sometimes over train, hindering their progress through injury. Frequent massage will help to keep those muscle tissues stretched and ensuring they’re receiving the right nutritious blood flow keeping their body in the best physical and mental shape as possible… Here are a few of the main benefits of a sports massage.

Regular massage increases the health of the muscle tissue of a and will encourage blood circulation. In other words, a deep massage will help to open the fibers in your muscle tissues, allowing fresh oxygen and nutrients to flow enabling a more rapid recovery.

Next, your lymphatic system depends on movement in order to function, unlike the circulatory system, which relies on your heart in order to pump blood through the body. Because your muscles are tight and contracted they can’t get the blood flow they need. The motions used during a massage will not only relax that tension but will then encourage the flow of both blood and lymphatic fluid, moving toxins out of your body and bringing fresh blood flow to your muscles so that they can repair themselves and recover.

If you had an injury in the past you may have scar tissues. Regular massage will help to break down some of the scar tissue positively affecting the performance of your muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Massage may not eliminate the scar tissue but it will help increase flexibility to facilitate training with less limitation.?Massage promotes the release of endorphins, which will act as natural painkillers, keeping a positive mental mindset, calm anxiety while reducing some of the muscle soreness associated with your heavy training schedule.

Regular weekly massages will definitely help to keep your body in shape as you prepare for your event. You should not, however, have a sports massage before a heavy workout. Your muscles, after being brought to this relaxed state, will not be prepared for a high-impact workout and forcing them may lead you to injury. For best results you should not have a massage more than 2-3 days before your big event.

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