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Introduction to 10k & 5k Training

The 10k is 6.2 miles long

The 5k is 3.1 miles long

The information covering the 10k and 5k is relevant and practical for both, so we have grouped it all together.

The 10k and more the 5k is where most runners start their racing journey. Now that the fantastic park runs are put on each Saturday all over the United Kingdom and even the world, it is so easy to just turn up and race over that distance.

The 10k will be more of a test of speed endurance than the 5k, as it is double the distance. 

Whether you run the 5k in 15 minutes or in 45, you will need to have an element of speed endurance running in your training, or what we call threshold running. The distances are fantastic because you need to also focus on some speed work to get quicker than them. That doesn’t mean a series of sprints, but running fast is fun.

A 5k and more the 10k are great as they can be used as part of a longer build up towards a longer race to gauge your fitness, or they can be an end in themselves. 

For some of you, just running the whole way around a 5k will be enough and there is absolutely nothing wrong with having this as your running goal. Our advice and training plans will be suitable for you but will also apply to runners looking to run a quick 5k or 10k.

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