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Post Half Marathon & 10 Mile Race

If you're reading this then it's quite likely you've just completed a half marathon or 10 mile race. Congratulations - it's an amazing achievement.. It's important you rest up and reintroduce running very gradually, before considering your next challenge. For now though chill out, look after yourself and lap up the praise.

Congratulate yourself on a job well done.

Often, we don’t respect the half marathon and 10 mile races, especially if they are build up towards a marathon. It is usually a stepping stone race towards something else. Ideally, a half marathon requires 2 weeks recovery, and the 10mile closer to one. Yet, if the race is part of a bigger build up then you need to balance the need to train with being fatigued. Our own training plans will give you until the Thursday before a steady effort run, and your first big session will be the Saturday after the race. The Sunday long run a week after can often be rather difficult. The key is to work that if you are feeling tired, ease back or take an extra rest day. It isn’t going to harm you and will make sure that you don’t accumulate fatigue, which is the real danger.

Training could well have changed your lifestyle, you will certainly have got fitter, and mentally may have more energy. Don’t waste this, but at he same time do not get over excited and being too active.

Have a think about your next challenge, but allow yourself plenty of time in which to recover.

Many people rush back into training too quickly, and this will lead to injury.

Let nature take care of the inflamed ligaments. The muscles have loads and loads of micro tears in them, after you abused them by running a though race. Let your body regroup

Think about getting a Sports massage on the Thursday or Friday of that week.

Eat well, and treat yourself a few times.

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