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Introduction to Half Marathon & 10 Mile Training

We have decided to group our information on the half marathon distance and the 10mile distance together because the training and racing for the two of them is very similar.

Your 10mile race pace will be slightly faster than the ½ marathon. Both paces will be fairly close to your threshold effort level.

The distances are fantastic because they require some endurance training, a bit of speed work, but they are both races that do not require the same sort of dedication as that of marathon training. The races can be used as part of marathon buildups or as a challenge themselves.

10mile races are not as common as a half marathon, there are some really famous 10mile races, such as the BUPA Great South Run and the Broad Street Run in Philadelphia – it had 40,689 runners in 2012! It is a fantastic distance that really tests a runner’s mental strength, speed and endurance.

With the meteoric rise in popularity of the marathon, the half marathon has become a very popular event to run. The distance itself is more than manageable that the marathon (being half the length), it will take dedication and effective training to race a good half-marathon.

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