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Post 10k & 5k Race

After your 10k and 5k race, especially if you ran well, you will probably want to get out running again.

However, to begin with, start with an easy week of light running. Start off by having some good stretching sessions and do some cross training.

Think about getting a sports massage to aid recovery.

If you want to start some serious training, then the weekend would be the most appropriate time to do this.

Use the week as an opportunity to assess the race, see what went well and what didn't. This is really important because you can race a lot of 5k and 10k's. Instead, take a step back after each one and assess the race, so you can improve next time out.

Use the outcome of your race findings to influence your training sessions going forward and how you race in the future.

It will take a few 10k and 5's to run your best and fully understand what you are doing in them!

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