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Kenyan Hills

To run a well you need to be strong and therefore running over hills at the same effort level as your threshold sessions is going to build really good body strength. The Kenyan Hill session is a form of continuous hills, where you run up and down a hill continuously for a period of time. Choose a hill that has about a 6-7% gradient, run up for about 30-45 seconds (put down a marker) then turn around immediately and run back down the hill in a rolling running fashion to where you started from and then continue to run up and down for the amount of time noted in your plan.

This type of session is fantastic because it offers three distinct benefits:

• Leg strength from running uphill

• Endurance from running at threshold effort

• Speed from the leg turnover of running fast down hill

We suggest that you take a look at the following video which helps explain how to run the hill sessions in your plan:

This really is an excellent training session and has so many benefits to your running, so why not try to learn to love those hills!

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