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Cross Training

Cross training is one of the sessions you might not see each week but we wanted to give it its own section because it’s that important!

Cross training refers to the action of training in a sport that is not the one that the athlete competes in. If you have made your way this far into our document, you will consider yourself, or at least thinking of calling yourself, a runner. So, for any runner, cross training refers to training that is not running.

The goal of cross training is to improve your overall performance. Fortunately, or unfortunately (depending on how you want to look at it), it’s not possible to run everyday. That isn't strictly true but you increase your chance of injury by just performing one action i.e. only running. If you’re able to spread the cumulative level of orthopaedic stress over a range of different muscles and joints, you will be able to exercise more frequently and for longer durations cumulatively during each week.

For more information on cross training, check out our dedicated cross training section.

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