James Riley

I signed up to run the 2019 London Marathon on behalf of the NSPCC and they arranged for Ben at Full Potential to produce me a training plan. I was so pleased with the results (see below) and enjoyed the process of training with Ben so much, I immediately signed up to continue coaching on completing the marathon.

A year and three quarters

I love the structure and discipline that a training plan brings to my running. Also the opportunity to discuss my training with Ben - both his expertise and the clarity that discussing your running with someone you trust brings. He brings a wonderful positivity to the training, supporting me with my self-criticism, while managing to temper my wilder ideas and wish to overdo it!

If you’ve got a running goal, whatever it is, go for it. With Full Potential it’s a wonderfully positive experience (although I sometimes don’t feel that mid rep 😀)!

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