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James Riley
Why did you decide to get a running coach?

I signed up to run the 2019 London Marathon on behalf of the NSPCC and they arranged for Ben at Full Potential to produce me a training plan. I was so pleased with the results (see below) and enjoyed the process of training with Ben so much, I immediately signed up to continue coaching on completing the marathon.

How long have you been coached?

A year and three quarters

What do you enjoy most about the coaching?

I love the structure and discipline that a training plan brings to my running. Also the opportunity to discuss my training with Ben - both his expertise and the clarity that discussing your running with someone you trust brings. He brings a wonderful positivity to the training, supporting me with my self-criticism, while managing to temper my wilder ideas and wish to overdo it!

What have you achieved?

The improvement in my race results was truly astonishing and more importantly I’m enjoying my running more than ever.

5k 17:23 to 16:47

10k 36:17 to 34:47

HM 1:22 to 1:13

Marathon 3:07 to 2:38

What would you say to someone thinking about signing up?

If you’ve got a running goal, whatever it is, go for it. With Full Potential it’s a wonderfully positive experience (although I sometimes don’t feel that mid rep 😀)!

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