Celina Kelley

Because my running had stagnated. I had been doing the same things for years, kept getting injured, and was starting to lose motivation and enjoyment. Some friends convinced me to go to one of the Full Potential running camps in Portugal, where I was impressed with the approaches of all of the coaches and their commitment to supporting runners of all ability and experience levels. I had some really interesting chats with Ben in particular about his coaching philosophy and, once I got back home, decided to give coaching a try. I figured that I didn’t have anything to lose and everything to gain!


I’ve been coached by Ben since 2017.

Having a varied programme of sessions to keep me motivated. Having someone else think about how to fit it all together so that all that I have to do is show up and run. Not only receiving expert guidance through the training programmes but, almost more importantly, receiving support with the psychological aspects of running and performance as well. And, of course, being able to have a laugh about it all.

I would say that coaching is not just for elite athletes or super-speedy club runners, and not just for younger people. I’ll be 60 this year and I’m faster than I’ve ever been and am enjoying my running more than I ever have. No matter what your goals and abilities are, a good coach will help you to achieve the first and maximise the second. (Thanks, Ben!)