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Adam Pettitt
Why did you decide to get a running coach?

I was having persistent running injuries and my sports masseuse at Backs and Beyond recommended my getting a coach to balance my running better and to have someone to build in injury recovery to the schedule. She gave me three recommendations and I checked them all out and plumped for Full Potential as they seemed to have coaches who worked with people in my situation. The response was really rapid and efficient and I had plans within a week.

How long have you been coached?

3 ½ years

What do you enjoy most about the coaching?

It’s the security of a plan: not only what I do day by day and week by week - that gives me structure; I like going to bed knowing what training I will do in the morning - but the long term, patterned training which has its phases adding variety but also getting me ready for each race, and making sure I don’t over-train.

My coach is the lovely, ever-attentive Ben. I’ve only met him once face to face when he ran a running camp my kids were on, and I speak to him if I need to but I choose to communicate by email. His messages are cheerful and encouraging, and his plans detailed and with just the right amount of context. But it’s the individual responses, the ‘Hey Adam, that was really great the way you knew to ease off last week’ or ‘That’s some great running; you don’t need to worry about x ...’.

Touch wood, but I’ve had no injuries and not needed to take any breaks from training. It’s worked for me and I’m a complete convert to long distance running now. I like the fact that Ben encourages me to do other races and to get outside my comfort zone. Efficient, encouraging, respectful, professional service.

What have you achieved?

I ran my first marathon ( 2017, Tokyo) and have now run seven! Berlin, Moscow, London, Rotterdam, Chicago and a Covid-19 one - 100 laps of a school field to raise money for digital poverty: laps for laptops.

What would you say to someone thinking about signing up?

May be you won’t need to remain on your trainer’s books as long as I have - I admit that I am an addict - but do it: running is so enjoyable but you do need to look after yourself when doing it past 40. Full potential has added a new dimension to my running and running has done the same to my life. I have a busy and quite demanding job so the training I do needs to be worthwhile, and FP and Ben get that and make it happen.

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