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​A fantastic gift for the beautiful runner in your life! Treat that special person to a bespoke 20-week training plan for any running event, including:


  • A tailor made training plan designed around their training history, running goals and lifestyle. This is a program built for them, not the other way around! 

  • An initial 15-minute Phone Call to discuss their training plan and go over any questions they might have. 

  • Remote running video analysis. Send in a video of your partner running, and the experts at Full Potential willbreak down areas to work on over their training plan.

  • Building a mental endurance worksheet to accompany their training plan. This unique tool will help build mental endurance and improve race experience 

  • A pre-race 15-minute Phone Call to discuss race strategy, tactics and get them motivated! 


On Sale now for £90. Hurry, this price won’t last. 

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Travel with us around the UK & Europe and train in amazing locations throughout the year.


We provide contemporary coaching support packages for UK charity team events. 

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