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Debbie Lowi
Why did you decide to get a running coach?

I first decided to get a coach after qualifying for the 2018 Aquathlon World Championships (swimming & running). I was keen to improve my running and get a structured programme tailored to my needs, as well as a coach who could help me balance my running around swimming training.

How long have you been coached?

I first started working with Ben towards the end of 2017. Under his guidance I found that running became my favourite discipline and this is where I excelled in the multi sport races. I then took a year to focus on triathlon but found that I really missed the running element and guidance from Full Potential, so I decided to return again in 2020. I’ve really enjoyed having the structure of Ben’s training during lockdown and I’m starting to get my running mojo back!

What do you enjoy most about the coaching?

I really like having the structure and being able to discuss my goals with my coach. It’s great having someone to support my running and provide me with confidence, which is so important to progress. Another key thing for me is to enjoy the training and stay motivated, and this is something which Ben has really facilitated. He is flexible to work my swimming / triathlon training into the plan and always willing to change things when needed.

What have you achieved?

Since working with Ben I have set PBs over all distances which I’ve raced (5km to half marathon). I also placed 6th in my age group at Aquathlon World Championships under Ben’s guidance!

What would you say to someone thinking about signing up?

I would definitely recommend Full Potential as I’ve really enjoyed working with Ben. I would encourage anyone looking to proceed with coaching to have a chat with the coach beforehand to ensure that you get along well and communicate well. In my opinion this is crucial to ensure things run smoothly and that you are happy with the service.

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