Sally Polkey

There is a plethora of information on the internet and so many ‘experts’ willing to give advise which I often find overwhelming or contradictory. Although fortunate not to sustain any injuries as a result of running apart from the usual twinges I didn’t feel as though my form or pace were as good as they could. Also having decided to embark on running The Abbotts World Major Marathons I decided I needed the personal touch of a coach to help me achieve my goal of running at least one of them under 4 hours. Finally I only started running five years ago at the age of 59 I was concerned I may be more susceptible to injury.

I have been coached for about 18 months

Kerry is fun to work with and takes time to understand what I want to achieve and realistic as to my aspirations. I enjoy the monthly chats which provide the perfect opportunity to discuss what I find easy or difficult and she will modify my plan accordingly and I can always contact her at any time if I need to.
I find the structure of a training plan beneficial and more inclined not to skip a training session as I am accountable to my coach. Kerry is supportive, adaptable and really motivates me to work as hard as I can.

I would definitely recommend anyone wanting to reduce or avoid injury, improve stamina, form and to become an efficient, effective and strong runner to engage a coach.

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