Mathieu Lecoeuche

I decided to really start running when I was 30 years old after my son, Leo, was born after many years of doing nothing and starting to pile on the pounds. I have always seen my dad as a hero and wanted to make sure I can achieve great things with Leo when he will be older. While I ran a bit at school in my youth, I knew nothing about how to actually put a plan together. I was using Garmin and saw that full potential was providing some plans. I did some research and Keith's story was quite amazing and resonated with me, who was 30 years old at the time. I decided to go ahead and I have been running consistently for 3 years now with full potential.


I started in April 2017.

First, Kerry is a great person and that makes it enjoyable. What I really like is that she can always adapt to new challenges and really support me through my successes and setbacks. Thinking and talking about what I want to achieve is really making a difference.

Kerry is always coming up with new things that while achieving the long term goal helped to keep focus and keep the whole process fun. Her experience and knowledge about running and races has really helped me to become a much stronger runner.

I would not think twice going for it, they would help you to achieve things that you may not even think is doable. The investment is nothing compared to what it has brought to my life.