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Debbie Lowi

I first decided to get a coach after qualifying for the 2018 Aquathlon World Championships (swimming & running). I was keen to improve my running and get a structured programme tailored to my needs, as well as a coach who could help me balance my running around swimming training.

Adam Pettitt

I was having persistent running injuries and my sports masseuse at Backs and Beyond recommended my getting a coach to balance my running better and to have someone to build in injury recovery to the schedule. She gave me three recommendations and I checked them all out and plumped for Full Potential as they seemed to have coaches who worked with people in my situation. The response was really rapid and efficient and I had plans within a week.

Mathieu Lecoeuche

I decided to really start running when I was 30 years old after my son, Leo, was born after many years of doing nothing and starting to pile on the pounds. I have always seen my dad as a hero and wanted to make sure I can achieve great things with Leo when he will be older. While I ran a bit at school in my youth, I knew nothing about how to actually put a plan together. I was using Garmin and saw that full potential was providing some plans. I did some research and Keith's story was quite amazing and resonated with me, who was 30 years old at the time. I decided to go ahead and I have been running consistently for 3 years now with full potential.


There is a plethora of information on the internet and so many ‘experts’ willing to give advise which I often find overwhelming or contradictory. Although fortunate not to sustain any injuries as a result of running apart from the usual twinges I didn’t feel as though my form or pace were as good as they could. Also having decided to embark on running The Abbotts World Major Marathons I decided I needed the personal touch of a coach to help me achieve my goal of running at least one of them under 4 hours. Finally I only started running five years ago at the age of 59 I was concerned I may be more susceptible to injury.

James Riley

I signed up to run the 2019 London Marathon on behalf of the NSPCC and they arranged for Ben at Full Potential to produce me a training plan. I was so pleased with the results (see below) and enjoyed the process of training with Ben so much, I immediately signed up to continue coaching on completing the marathon.

Celina Kelly

Because my running had stagnated. I had been doing the same things for years, kept getting injured, and was starting to lose motivation and enjoyment. Some friends convinced me to go to one of the Full Potential running camps in Portugal, where I was impressed with the approaches of all of the coaches and their commitment to supporting runners of all ability and experience levels. I had some really interesting chats with Ben in particular about his coaching philosophy and, once I got back home, decided to give coaching a try. I figured that I didn’t have anything to lose and everything to gain!

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