Richard Coates

Associate Coach

Sport of all kinds has been part of Richard’s life.
Climbing and mountaineering were a large part of Richard’s early sporting years before he fell in love with running and cycling. He has completed countless races around the world, with distances ranging from 5 km to ultra-marathon. He has cycled the Coast-to-Coast bike ride in the North of England along with time cycling in the Alps and mountains of California too. He continues to race whenever he can within his busy working days.
Richard joined Full Potential in 2012 as a coach. He managed a successful business career in an extremely stressful job in London where he had to plan his training to fit in with long hours in the office and travelling abroad. Having had such a role and bringing up a young family too, he is able to empathise with many people’s similar stressful lifestyles. He coaches runners and cyclists of all abilities to great success.

His passions in life in include running, cycling, his family, mountaineering and trance music.



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