It's easy to become frustrated with your progress and at times it can be hard to motivate yourself. To avoid hitting a performance plateau, it's important to understand what the key elements are to help you improve your running. During a 1 to 1 running session, your coach will teach you these keep elements whilst identifying your strengths and weaknesses. You'll then be able to train effectively and race successfully.

One to One Running Coaching Session

  • Our one to one sessions last for one hour.


    We'll make sure you get as much as possible out of the session. The session will be tailored around you, your current fitness levels and future running goals. We can get you started as a runner, try some threshold running, look to do some faster running at the track, or even a Kenyan hills session. It's really up to you.


    These sessions are ideal for runners looking to rebuild their confidence or return to regular training.


    Our coaches will run with you during the session, making sure that you are always getting the most out of your time with them.

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