Full Potential team up with TRIBE to offer the very best in performance nutrition

The right nutrition is critical to how you feel and perform during training and racing. High quality nutrition pre, during and after exercise will enhance your performance

Full Potential are delighted to announce a new sport’s nutrition partnership with TRIBE.

TRIBE is a natural sports nutrition brand and athletic community. Tom, Rob and Guy, three old friends and ultra runners, founded the brand in 2015 following a 1,000 mile run across Eastern Europe (they ran 39 marathon in 30 days!) to raise awareness of human trafficking, joined by 250 others along the way. Frustrated with processed sports snacks, they now make performance nutrition from natural ingredients to give athletes and adventurers the fuel they need.

TRIBE produce a range of products from energy bars, recovery snacks, trail mixes, mineral boosters and recovery shakes. They only use the best quality natural ingredients which are a much better source of nutrition than the synthetic sports nutrition products you find on the market. Their products are designed to enhance training and help athletes reach their full potential.

We have chosen to work with TRIBE as our sports nutrition partner as we share similar aims and beliefs in delivering the best possible product / experience for our customers. We've tested their products, enjoyed the taste and found them to be very effective in fuelling our own training. The TRIBE athletic community is parallel to our own close knit community of runners.

We are very excited to be able to offer our athletes the opportunity to try TRIBE - the very best sports nutrition products! Head to www.wearetribe.co to find out more.

Subscription offer

TRIBE send out their products in the TRIBE Pack – a regular delivery of six TRIBE products – tailored to your training.

Try your first TRIBE Pack for £1 using code FULLPOTENTIAL @ www.wearetribe.co

Booster pack offer

You can also purchase one-off bulk packs, containing 18 products of your choice.

Get 10% off any one-off purchase using code FULLPOTENTIAL10 @ www.wearetribe.co

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