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Plantar Fascitis

Plantar Fascitis is a pain in the heel, mid-arch or sole of the foot. Initial symptoms can occur after a run and may ease with calf stretching. If it isn’t treated, gradually over time, symptoms will progress and you will notice pain will be present during your warm-up (but will then ease during the run) and then discomfort and stiffness in the mornings - often the first steps out of bed are the most painful.


It is important to seek advice sooner rather than later, so that not only are your symptoms treated, but the cause is also assessed and eliminated. A good clinician will treat locally.

Self Treatment

1) Keep a small rounded edge bottle of water in the freezer for use after your run or walk. Place the bottle on the floor and in a seated position roll your foot in a thin sock forwards and back on the bottle for approximately 10 mins. 2) Dynamic warm up. Do this prior to running for about 15 minutes and include calf and ankle mobility. For example lift your heels off the floor and as you take steps forward, lift your toes and ankle up towards you.

3) Post-run stretches to calf muscles. Perform off the edge of a step with a straight knee heel down and a bent knee heel down respectively. Also include toes propped up against a step and keeping your heel down, aim to push your knee over your toes.

4) Check your trainers. If your trainers have lost their cushioning and structural support this will create more load through the foot than what it is used to.

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