Kerry Newell

I coach at my local club of Gloucester AC - U13  to U17 middle distance athletes ranging from County to previous European Gold Medallist for 5K. I also coach a squad of athletes ranging from beginners to GB athletes at Cotswold Pentathlon. 


I am a qualified Athletics Coach and Coach in Running Fitness and I have worked for England Athletics and Welsh Athletics since 2012 as a Tutor - educating our up and coming coaches.  I am currently also working as part of the Run Club scheme for England Athletics, mentoring athletic clubs with their own coaching for their athletes. For the past year, I am now part of the England Athletics team working as the Team Coach for our very own England Masters Marathon team.


In the past I  won the prestigious prize of SW Run Leader of the Year for England Athletics in 2015 and I have been on the British Athletics National Coach Development Programme to support my own coaching to the highest standard within the UK. 

I thoroughly enjoy running just for the fun of it.  I have a PB's of 1.37 for the half marathon and 42 mins for 10K. I do enjoy running fast and have returned to the track to try and to better my current 800m PB of 2.45 - ranked top 20 in UK in my age group.

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Kerry's Testimonials

Mathieu Lecoeuche

Why did you decide to get a coach?

I decided to really start running when I was 30 years old after my son, Leo, was born after many years of doing nothing and starting to pile on the pounds. I have always seen my dad as a hero and wanted to make sure I can achieve great things with Leo when he will be older. While I ran a bit at school in my youth, I knew nothing about how to actually put a plan together. I was using Garmin and saw that full potential was providing some plans. I did some research and Keith's story was quite amazing and resonated with me, who was 30 years old at the time. I decided to go ahead and I have been running consistently for 3 years now with full potential.

How long have you been coached?

I started in April 2017.

What have you achieved?

Back in 2017, Kerry (my coach) has quickly helped me to do my first half marathon in less than two hours. We have since worked on all the different distances (5K, 10K, half and ultramarathon) smashing all my PBs again and again.

Beyond the running they have helped me to change my lifestyle, I shed 3 stones. I feel much better physically and mentally and Kerry has been a constant support for the past 3 years to help me through successes and tough times.

If you would have told me back then that today I can run a 5k in 20 minutes, I could run ultramarathons I would have laughed but that’s a reality and above I have shared so many fond memories being cheered and run with my son.

What do you enjoy most about the coaching?

First, Kerry is a great person and that makes it enjoyable. What I really like is that she can always adapt to new challenges and really support me through my successes and setbacks. Thinking and talking about what I want to achieve is really making a difference.

Kerry is always coming up with new things that while achieving the long term goal helped to keep focus and keep the whole process fun. Her experience and knowledge about running and races has really helped me to become a much stronger runner.

What would you say to someone thinking about signing up to coaching?

I would not think twice going for it, they would help you to achieve things that you may not even think is doable. The investment is nothing compared to what it has brought to my life.


Why did you decide to get a coach?

There is a plethora of information on the internet and so many ‘experts’ willing to give advise which I often find overwhelming or contradictory. Although fortunate not to sustain any injuries as a result of running apart from the usual twinges I didn’t feel as though my form or pace were as good as they could. Also having decided to embark on running The Abbotts World Major Marathons I decided I needed the personal touch of a coach to help me achieve my goal of running at least one of them under 4 hours. Finally I only started running five years ago at the age of 59 I was concerned I may be more susceptible to injury.

How long have you been coached?

I have been coached for about 18 months

What have you achieved?

I have a better understanding of why its important to include a variety of types of runs in my training. Increasing speed is not just a matter of running; nutrition and cross training also pay an important part. My form has improved although still needs work on and I am definitely a faster and stronger runner. I have knocked 40 minutes off my marathon time running Dublin Marathon in 2019 in 3 hrs 51 minutes.

What do you enjoy most about the coaching?

Kerry is fun to work with and takes time to understand what I want to achieve and realistic as to my aspirations. I enjoy the monthly chats which provide the perfect opportunity to discuss what I find easy or difficult and she will modify my plan accordingly and I can always contact her at any time if I need to.
I find the structure of a training plan beneficial and more inclined not to skip a training session as I am accountable to my coach. Kerry is supportive, adaptable and really motivates me to work as hard as I can.

What would you say to someone thinking about signing up to coaching?

I would definitely recommend anyone wanting to reduce or avoid injury, improve stamina, form and to become an efficient, effective and strong runner to engage a coach.

Kerry's latest Blog posts

Keith Anderson

At the age of 30, I was stuck in a rut - An overweight smoker with a stressful job as a chef. I only took up running to lose weight and get fitter but this turned out to be the start of a unique journey that would ultimately see me finish 10th in the 1998 Commonwealth Games marathon aged 41!

I started my running life as a fell runner eventually setting a number of course records, some of which still stand today. I became British Fell running champion before starting racing at a high level on the road and cross-country. My performances allowed me to train at altitude in Kenya and the Pyrenees. I regularly competed against some of the world’s best athletes across Europe and in the United States.

As an athlete I worked hard. My coach, leading physiologist Tony Trowbridge guided me so that my training was scientific and right for me. I enjoyed competing and winning but I have never forgotten how difficult my misinformed first attempts at training, fitness and weight loss were. What I did learn was that it’s not just about hard training!

I have advised hundreds of runners, from complete beginners through to international athletes, writing coaching articles that have featured in Runner’s World, Running Fitness, Peak Performance as well as a number of running books and websites. During my coaching career I have created / delivered a variety of training camps, races and running events.

I believe that my coaching along with my competitive experiences provide me with a unique insight that will allow me to help you to achieve your running and fitness goals. From overweight thirty something to international runner my personal bests are...


5 km – 13.46, 10 km – 29.04, 10 m – 48.15, Half marathon – 64.20, Marathon – 2.17.08  

Ben Barwick

I joined Full Potential in 2009 providing biomechanical advice and supporting running specialists all over the UK in conjunction with a leading sportswear manufacture. What started off as maternity cover has taken me on a journey of becoming a running coach and Director of Full Potential.  If only I could have warned that young man what he was getting into!

As a school kid, I hated running, I just didn’t get it.  I loved team sports and played to a high level, but I just didn’t understand running.  Things all changed once I joined the Full Potential team and I have gone from running novice to coach and high level technical geek. I am always looking at new ways to improve performance, whether that be subjecting myself to lactate testing, trying out an altitude tent, running in magical footwear or wearing the latest in GPS running watches from Garmin.  I try to write about most of my experiences and post them to the Full Potential website, so that others can use the good stuff and avoid subjecting themselves to terrible products! 

After running my first marathon in 2010 in 3:58, and making many errors along the way, I sat down with Keith and he helped to guide me to the semi-ahtlete that I have become today.  Winning my first ever race (a 10km in 2012) was fantastic and if I could tell the chubby little school boy how amazing it feels to win a running race, I think I may have started sooner!  My marathon PB of 2.52 was run in Florence in 2015. I have run a 34.17 10km and 1.17.06 half marathon.

I started coaching in 2011 and absolutely love it. It provides such a buzz being able to write plans, talk to others about their running and see them develop as an athlete.  Whether that's getting someone to run 2.40 for the marathon or talking someone who has only run a 5km to run their first half marathon, it's equally rewarding.  Each day brings with it new challenges but getting to work closely with an athlete of any ability is really special. I am currently coaching the Mens Running Team for the Big Marathon Challenge.

Steve Prefontaine summed up perfectly how I feel about running: “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift"

Debbie Anderson

For over 20 years I worked as a busy PA in London at companies such as Virgin, Hamleys and Charles Worthington. Running and exercise didn't really feature in my daily life most of that time. It was whilst at Hamleys that a friend and I decided to run a 10K race in Richmond to raise money for charity. So I got a trainer, lost some weight, got fit and surprisingly found that I really enjoyed the training. The race was great fun too!  I signed up to run the Great North Run and before I knew it, I had a place to run the London Marathon!  

It was sometimes difficult to fit my training and exercise in since i was working 12-hours a day juggling a very busy and pretty stressful work load. I tried hard to make it a priority to find the time each day to train and ended up running my first marathon in a time of 4.17!  I was so pleased and proud of myself... I was hooked!
I gave up working in London in 2005 to help set up Full Potential with Keith.  I love to run, cycle and exercise each week not only to keep fit but also because I know how much it helps me stay sane in my busy life.  My ultimate running goals now are to break 4hrs for the marathon and run sub 50 mins for 10K.

I completed my UKA Level 1 Running Coach qualifications several years ago and really enjoy helping runners who are just starting out on their running journey. I want to help them understand and enjoy their training to achieve their running goals.

Kerry Newell

Kerry coaches at her local clubs of Gloucester AC & Cotswold Pentathlon with GB athletes - U13  to U17 outdoor ranking from County to previous European Gold Medallist for 5K.


She is a qualified Athletics Coach and qualified Coach in Running Fitness and has worked for England Athletics and Welsh Athletics since 2012 as a Tutor - educating our up and coming coaches.


Kerry won the prestigious prize of SW Run Leader of the Year for England Athletics in 2015. She has been on the British Athletics National Coach Development Programme to support her own coaching to the highest standard within the UK. Kerry is currently also working as part of the Run Club scheme for England Athletics, mentoring athletic clubs with their own coaching for their athletes. She has recently worked as the Team Coach for our England Masters Marathon team too.

Kerry has PB's of 1.37 for the half marathon and 42 mins for 10K. She's recently returned to the track and is aiming to better her current 800m PB of 2.45 - ranked top 20 in UK for her age group.

Phill Berntsen

After a successful running career as a junior/U23, I joined Full Potential in 2019 as an athletics coach, specialising in endurance running. Some of my accomplishments nationally were McCain National XC series champion, 2nd at English Schools XC and qualifying for the World & European Championships.


I went on to represent Team GB on three occasions competing at the World XC Championship in Edinburgh, as well as two European XC Championships in Slovenia & Belgium.


I aspire to wear an England or Team GB vest again and am training hard towards these goals.


Using my coaching experience and that of an athlete competing at international level, I always help the runners I work with, strive to get the most out of their training and racing.


Phill’s PB’s are: 3k – 8:28, 5k – 14:52, 10k – 32.03, 10 mile – 54:40

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